Thursday, August 25, 2011

Commemorative coin celebrates the delusions that make Americans proud to kill people in turbans

America 20xy


By Andrew Steele

Reminding us of the false flag event that bamboozled the American public into embracing endless war and the loss of their civil liberties on one side (see HERE, HERE, and HERE), and the fake bin Laden kill/Obama publicity stunt on the other, Americans can now invest their money (on top of their misguided faith and emotions) in a coin that commemorates the delusions that make Americans proud to kill people in turbans.

Behold the “Justice Coin”.

The advertisement for the coin playing on TV and on the Historic Coin Mint’s website briefly talks about 9/11, stating “…that day would live in infamy, but the United States would make sure that those responsible would pay the ultimate price,” before showing one of those responsible– George W. Bush– smirking like the cat that finally swallowed Tweety Bird, deviously saying, “Justice will be done”.

In regard to the ultimate price, the coins have been marked down from $100.00 to $19.95 and include other goodies like a “Military Briefing Pack”– maps, photos (not the bin Laden death photos of course since Obama has refused to release them and nobody in the Western media seems to care about actually viewing them anymore) and “operational details” (in which the U.S. military conveniently mistakes Islamic burial rites with those of cartoon pirates, supposedly tossing Osama bin Laden into the sea just hours after allegedly killing him, providing a cover story for why there’s no body available for analysis). It’s not clear whether or not the coins will also come with Little Orphan Annie decoder rings, through which the U.S. government can remind the American people to drink their Ovaltine…(or in this case Kool-Aid).

Commemorative coins have become an easy way for companies to capitalize on government psyops. Shortly after Obama’s inauguration in 2009, (following the media's sale of him to the public in a meaningless election), one company quickly went about selling “commemorative Obama coins” with commercials that gave buyers the impression that Obama’s smiling face was engraved and painted directly into the coins. As it turned out the Obama coins were just regular coins with stickers of Obama’s face stuck to them. Ripped off Obama fans screamed foul.

Talk about an omen.

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